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About Show Me Snakes


Show Me Snakes is a company that organizes educational reptile events.

 Show Me Snakes didn't just pop up as a company that holds award winning educational reptile shows. We began as a "bad idea" in a family living room. The idea was called the "Show Me Reptile & Exotics Show" or "Show Me Show" for short. Reptile shows were already a thing, but we needed something different.

There couldn't just simply be another reptile show.We felt the reptile community needed more than what was available to them. The idea was to bring a memorable experience to the public, inspire passion in those who love the "abnormal", create an outlet for sharing our unique passions, educate those who are curious, promote conservation, encourage safe and responsible keeping and to embolden the curiosity behind fear. This would be done by bringing unique events to the public. 

 The first show ever was in October of 2015 and was held at the District 9 Machinists Hall in Bridgeton, Missouri. This "bad idea" snowballed into a great local success! It has since grown into a national spotlight.

Because the quality of the reptile community is important to us, several other events have been created to offer support to our growing communities. There are local meet and greets, Reptile Appreciation Day,  community service events, reptile training events and even unique private events upon request. It doesn't stop there...

Events are adapted to suit the uniqueness of the public.

Show Me Snakes evolved into more community based and more into education and conservation. A place was needed for sharing knowledge and bringing people together. Thus, The Gateway Herpetology & Entomology Club was born! Born in 2019, the club involves several supportive members. One of the great beneficial things that this free club does is raise awareness to endangered species of the Cloud Forest in Guatemala.

Show Me Snakes is so much more than just reptile events.

We have become the leaders in innovating the reptile community and the way reptile shows are operated. We have become advocates for many who strive to improve the reptile industry. We make a contribution with every community we serve and create a binding connection with it. We genuinely care about the quality of the reptile community and truly believe in what we are doing.

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About the Show Me Show

   The Show Me Reptile & Exotics Show is a large reptile show that is open to the public. If you ever hear anyone talking about the "Show Me Show", that's us!

Originating in St. Louis, Missouri, The Show Me Reptile & Exotics show began as a small expo in a small space in October of 2015. The show has since expanded incredibly. There are now over 25 Show Me Shows a year. (Not including special events)

A Show Me Show is a unique experience for both reptile lovers and the reptile-curious. It is a place of friendship and community for everyone.

When you walk into a Show Me Show you can expect to see large crowds of people who admire and care for animals. The show provides everything you need to properly care for your reptiles. From high quality reptile equipment like lighting, heating, feeders, substrate, cleaners and enclosures to friendly vendors who assist in reptile husbandry and adoptions. There is always someone there to help you. The show provides entertainment such as educational stations, face painting, food and other activities. 

The Show me Show is a unique experience you don't want to miss out on!

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About the Owners

We are Micky and Tamara Meyer. We are the founders/owners of Show Me Snakes. We are the team who is responsible for organizing all events through Show Me Snakes.